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Smart Solutions 4 People & Planet

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Futuratives exists to build new futures, together as a society.

It's our goal to have real impact on the world by bringing Smart Solutions for People & Planet. 

We support the Sustainable Development Goals with all our projects. 


- HOW- 


What we do:

- We tell a story 

- We make and sell NFTs to help people and planet.

- We make future scenarios that have real impact. It's yours to decide what to support. 

- We connect with business partners that create innovative sustainable products/services.

- We also partner up with charity partners, to get the right solutions in the right places. 

What you can do:

We need your help with this! We need a community that supports us and our goals.

There are several ways to do so:

- share our projects and messages on your social media channels.

- buy our NFTs.

- contact us if you would like to be part of our team.

What we give back to our community:

Of course we want to share some meaningful benefits with our community:

- You are invited to join our presale list for the first NFT-launch.

 - We will launch online meetings/chats/rooms where you can find like-minded people to talk to, share ideas... 

- You are part of a community that wants to change the world!

- Once you bought an NFT you will receive benefits in our future projects to come.


We believe we can make positive changes for a better world by working together and connecting different fields that align with sustainability. 

Smart Solutions must find their way to the problems our earth and humanity is coping with. We want NFTs to be the connection and action to get the job done. 

Together we: 

* Bring smart solutions to the places needed to help people in their daily lives. 

* Bring smart solutions that help regenerate our planet.



We work together with different partners: partners in innovation in the industry, partners in charity and non-profit organisations, our own Dutch advisers in different disciplines and designers.

Not to forget, our community! As with our projects we think it's important to make the future together, so in our projects we aim to bring voting and choosing possibilities to our community. 

FUTURATIVES - The Futuratives Foundation

©FUTURATIVES 2021 All Rights Reserved

Contact: Miranda Verhaar, co-founder 
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