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 Chewing 4 Charity 

Make the world a better place!

Chew gum & share a picture!

Your picture will be used in NFT-art to fund sustainable projects with real impact.  

Be part of the solution. By buying Chewing 4 Charity NFTs you support practical innovative solutions to support people and planet.

Do you like NFTs? What if we can make you happy with our artwork and you can make other people happy by buying them? Or help nature regenerate...sounds good right? 

And yes of course there will be some meaningful benefits coming your way. 

What is Chewing 4 Charity?

This NFT project is all about working together for the good

- co-creators for making the  NFTs ( by chewing and donating gum) 

- artists making the gum artwork 

- NFT lovers supporting real world-innovative changes by buying NFTs.

The goal is the same: make real positive impact on the future of People & Planet.


We bring the physical world and the digital landscape together. Starting physically by chewing gum or digitally by buying the Chewing 4 Charity NFTs. 

We start with the first launch of NFTs in summer relating to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We not only want you to feel engaged with our projects, but we want you to be part of really making the future together!  

What we are doing while you chew

1. Building a community

2. Teaming up with partners

    (businesses & charity funds)

Where we are going

3. People share a picture of their chewed gum.

4. Create the NFT collection.

5. Mint & Share the NFT-collection: also sharing with the gum creators to see how their gum is part of the artwork.

6. Sell out the NFT collection. 

7. When all NFTs have been sold, we make a  donation for an innovative solution to charity.

8. Sharing meaningful benefits with the supporting community. An extra surprise for the people that donated gum.

9. Futuratives shares visual materials as the solutions/goods have arrived at the place we wanted them to be.

10. After-party for our NFT buyers (your Chewing 4 Charity NFT is your free card to join the after-party)

This is our journey

Why Chewing Gum?

Why Chewing Gum?

We use Chewing Gum as a statement in this NFT project.

It stands for the disposable world we live in now. 


We want to change this world. Starting with gum: one of the most single used plastics. It can take up 500 to 1000 years to decompose. With this project we want to draw your attention to a more concious and sustainable way of living. 

For who?

Be part of something big! Share your gum with a group of like-minded people that care for the  future.


Meet other 'gum-families' as you tune in to our social channels. Grown-ups, children, students, working people, moms, dads & grannies....everybody can join! 

So next time you chew gum, don't throw it away! Think again!  Share your chewed gum and be part of our Chewing 4 Charity community. Gum doesn't perish, so let's use its value in digital artwork. Start building tomorrow with us!  



The first artworks will be minted in summer/fall.

So next time you chew gum, don't throw it away! Think again! Share a picture of your chewed gum and be part of our Chewing 4 Charity community.

What is the mint price?

One Chewing 4 Charity NFT will be 0.06 eth.

We have something special for our community members on the white list:

A special collection of Dual Focus NFTs. This means you get:

A chewing gum NFT + a bonus NFT (surprise!) for 0,09 eth

How about royalties?

We will collect 4% royalties on all secondary sales. We will use this as a little saving to compensate for unforeseen issues.

Which benefits will I have from buying a Chewing 4 Charity NFT?

- You are invited to join our presale list for upcoming new NFT projects by Futuratives 

- We aim to launch online community services where you can find like-minded people to talk to, share ideas...

- You are part of a community that wants to change the world!

- You help the world becoming a better place 

- Once you bought an NFT you will receive benefits in our future projects to come

- We love surprises! With one of our NFTs in your pocket, we might surprise you with events & other cool stuff... You don't want to miss out!

What are the sustainable development goals we support?

United Nations: In 2015, 193 United Nations member countries adopted a new sustainable development agenda and global agreement on climate change. Now, we're presented with an unprecedented opportunity to bring the world together to improve the lives of people everywhere through the 17 GlobalGoals to improve our world.

Chewing 4 Charity NFTs support the Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to collaborate with organizations that create smart solutions (for instance light or water solutions) and bring these solutions to charities/non-profit organizations to help People & Planet. Together we want to make the world a better place. 


Can you show me how gum donators, artists & The Futuratives team work together?

Yes, we can. We made this collaboration map to show you.

©FUTURATIVES 2021 All Rights Reserved

The collaboration map

Chewing 4 Charity -  part of the Futuratives Foundation 


Chew gum & take picture of gum

Donate gumpicture to Chewing 4 Charity

Don't throw your gum away!


Making digital artworks of the gum pictures


Mint digital artworks as  NFTs 

team futuratives.png

Team Futuratives

NFTs bought by the community

Sell out 

We support charity/non-profit organizations related to the SDG's

Follow us on: 

Can you imagine your chewed gum in an artwork for the cause of a better world?

logo C4C.png

Chewing 4 Charity -  part of the Futuratives Foundation 

©FUTURATIVES 2021 All Rights Reserved

Contact: Miranda Verhaar, co-founder 
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