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on the first of june 2022

She walked over a chewinggum and it reacted to that! We were so confused and couldn't understand anything from the sound it was making. So we asked some experts. The outcome will shock you: this gum is really talking and reaching out to us. This is what they could figure out:

"Ohh, don't ... walk away.  Need planet. We help ... gum...make pictures...send into space..."

Now we are and why? 
But... as it is reaching out to us, we will start collecting chewed gum pictures here...
and send them into space!


Image by Taylor  Rooney
telefoon kauwgom_edited_edited.jpg

Take a picture of it

Image by Joseph Costa

Chew gum

Upload Gum Picture


You can upload max 3 pictures. We will choose one or more pictures from every-one to send into space!

Note: Pictures need to be max 2 kb. If not: 
Don't use any symbols (like + - @ # /) or space in the name of the picture.

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