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Are you a leader of transformation?
Be part of the Revolution for ​Global Change!
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Leaders of Transformation work with eachother in:

  • Transparancy​

  • Open communication​

  • Willingness to share​

  • Willingness to listen & learn from eachother​

  • Being part of a journey: meaning we grow together and treat eachother equally​

  • Engagement & becoming an ambassador to build the community

To work on the SDGs in the real world without losing vision on their interrelationship, we have themed up 5 different areas that are interrelated:​

  • Education, Skills & Jobs​

  • Health & Wellbeing​

  • Climate Change​

  • Sustainable Land use​

  • Sustainable Cities

These are the areas we will explore while building a Desirable Future for 2030. 

Time investment for this year 2022:​


To create a Desirable Future Vision 2030 we ask you to join 2 online meetings:

To be planned in November/December

Each meeting takes about 2 hours. 

In the first meeting we will start defining present and possible future challenges from different areas. 

In the second meeting we will follow up the first meeting and create a Desirable Future Vision 2030.

!!Registration to participate in this years meetings is closed!! 

Thank you for joining!

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Contact: Miranda Verhaar, co-founder 
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