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Futuratives exists to build desirable futures. 

We are here to help your Business & Brand to become

The Best Sustainable Version of Itself

So what story will your children tell about your legacy?

In the end, this is what matters most to all of us, right? What do we leave behind, that we have been working so hard for? How will we be remembered?

This is what we are different in. There are a lot of different solutions and different companies that can support businesses in sustainable solutions. You will find out you can spend a lot of time online to find a good company for your business. A lot of times you may find out it's good, but doesn't really fit your business. That's why we offer you tailor made experts and a sytem and tools you can lean on in a flexible way. We offer you well forming outcomes, researching where you are and where you want to be, with a flexible proces to fit your business' and employees'needs. 

We know what we want to leave behind: 

It's our goal to have real impact on the world by working on Smart Solutions for People & Planet. 

We believe we can make positive changes for a better world by working together and connecting different fields that align with sustainability. 

We think that the most meaningful role we can play to create a desirable future together is

to create the connection and action to get the job done. We call ourselves: Leaders of Transformation.

Leaders of Transformation work on the cutting edge of 

sustainable technology development & sustainable innovation. WEB3 is the space from which we work to influence other areas for positive change. 

Web3 is our space we navigate in, to work on accessibility, transparancy and conciousness.

We think broadly and big, while taking small steps into action.


About the Leaders of Transformation


Our Leaders of Transformation are based in The Netherlands, France and England. 

We work in the field of Future Research, Sustainability, Digital Technology and Innovation.


We are visionairs

We are imagineers

We are future explorers

We are digital

We are the ones you can count on to make small stepps, creating big difference

We are creative thinkers & designers 

We are different

We are the Leaders of Transformation

Our leaders of Transformation are certified trainers, meaning they are trained in using their knowledge in helping brands reaching their sustainability goals:

> with a supportive multidisciplinary team 

> in the context of future scenarios and goals

> by brainstorming, speculating possibilities & problem solving

> taking into account multiple perspectives and habits in cultures and geography (countries among themselves as well as living areas: city/urban or landside)

> thinking about decentralized communities

> using new business opproaches

> with conciousness and knowledge of coherence of sustainable areas that relate to eachother

> existing and possible future developments of technologies in the digital space/WEB3 (like data, AI, blockchain, tokenization, smart contracts, experimental decentralization, Metaverse, NFTs) and the impact this can have on real world outcomes.

> taking advantage of the unexpected and knowing how to turn insecurity in possibilities and new sollutions. 

> solutions for finance, budgetting & fundraising

> how to use nudging solutions for sustainability 

> advising in possible partnerships

Our Leaders support and are backed up by eachother in intervision groups and come together in meetings on a regular basis. This means, that your company and it's development are on the menu of team, to get the best multiple perspective approach in solutions for your company. 

Who are we?


Miranda Verhaar

Future Explorer | Future Scenarios| Speculative Designer | Innovator | Trainer & Educator | 

NFT & Blockchain Solutions | Founder Futuratives: Smart Solutions 4 People & Planet.

The Netherlands

Michiel Keller

Filmmaker | NFTs | Sustainability projects by Futuratives

The Netherlands

Alan Raw

BBC Presenter/Producer - Eco Time & BBC Introducing. Chief Sustainability Officer - Pan Galactic Developments Ltd. Sustainability Practitioner (ASP), CEO/Curator - Creative & Cultural Org. Project Coord' - Sine FM


Thomas Normand-Dutertre

Consultant/Project Leader in Sustainability-CSR-ESG open to challenges in Finance-Real Estate-Digital-Innovation and other fields | Interested in Web3, blockchain and NFTs -- and AI

Parijs, Frankrijk

Brian Naughton

Blockchain maximalist | Much of my deep thinking and research time devoted to Blockchain and Crypto | Media Communications | Technology | Writing | Research & Consulting | Business Development | Strategic Partnerships |


Andrew Bigwood

Exploring Blockchain and Spatial Data Solutions For Environmental Use Cases | Composite Photography | Web3 Enthusiast


Sanda Ringsma

CMO | Blockchain | Web3 | Sustainability 🌏 #web3 #techforgood #greentech #climatesolutions #impact


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