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Framework for Sustainable Business




Creating Building Blocks towards Future Scenarios. We build scenarios on the themes the business focusses on. However, we will also show the relation between the theme and other fields of sustainability that are influenced by (changes in) that theme.

Putting vision into action:

- create innovative sustainable products/services.

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Teamworkshops to follow:

Brainstorming Future Scenarios and Products with Speculative Design

With Speculative Design we start imagining what we don't have yet, but what might be in the Future. This involves speculating about future innovations, technologies and products and how we might use them.

Creating innovative sustainable products and/or services with Design Thinking. In this workshop we think about redesigning your business products and/or services. This could be a one time brainstorm-session or multiple sessions from brainstorm to a product design mock-up. 

Perspectives: WHO is your business/WHO is your brand? 

A combination workshop of the Clean Space Method and the Step In, Step Back, Step Out Method. It's about establishing a network of relationships between spaces, incorporating inclusion and culture. Goal is to understand the different perspectives people in your business have and how you can communicate with all these different perspectives. 

Methaphors & Frameworks:


Buiding on methaphors. We use methaphors to look at things differenty, open up different perspectives, possibilities and solutions. This workshop is to inspire the team to be open minded, flexible and think out of the box. 

Framework for Sustainable Brand Innovation

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Our Leaders of Transformation


Miranda Verhaar

Future Explorer | Future Scenarios Writer | Designer | Innovator | Trainer & Educator 

The Netherlands

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