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NFT Awards

On Earthday 22-4-22 we launched this project:

The first sustainable NFT awards for planet earth!

We like to give a stage to 10 earth caretakers of 2022.

We created an exclusive limited NFT edition with a total of 10 NFT awards.

The award is a recognition for NFT people/projects

making true impact to our planet.

Mr rabbit x.png

Hosted by

Mr. Rabbit X


The winners of the Sustainable NFT Awards 2022 are: 



Personal titles 

gouden Ster

Michel Combes 

Phenom XHealth

blad 2.png
gouden Ster

Maya Frost


blad 2.png
gouden Ster

Kristel Gonzalez

WizPets Bistro Club

blad 2.png


ROADMAP Sustainable NFT Awards

What we are doing in 2022

1. 22nd of April 2022:

 Open call for nominees.

2. 5th of May: Closing nominations.

3. Publish the list of nominees.

4. Time to choose! The nominees themselves and the public select their favorite NFT projects.

5. Counting the score and publish the 10 most voted projects. They will win a Sustainable NFT Award.

7. Celebrating with the winners (online).

8. Highlighting the winners on LinkedIn. 


Where we are going

Aiming to make the Sustainable NFT Awards a yearly event...

Digital as well as in a real place where participants from all over the world can meet and the ceremony can take place. 

We made a great start with fabulous sustainable NFT Projects. Now let's grow together ...  

Want to collaborate on this? Feel free to reach out to  

Miranda Verhaar, co-founder 

Sustainable NFT Awards -  part of the Futuratives Foundation 

©FUTURATIVES 2021 All Rights Reserved

Contact: Miranda Verhaar, co-founder 
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